About Nayli

Nayli Russo is an accomplished executive, entrepreneur, and coach dedicated to empowering women in their professional journeys. As an immigrant with a rich background in corporate leadership and business ownership, including roles at the Pittsburgh Pirates and Highmark Inc., Nayli brings a wealth of experience in strategic planning, project management, and operations. She owns AmeriCARE Pittsburgh, enhancing her insights into entrepreneurship.

Nayli's coaching centers around Workplace Personas, helping clients to align their strengths with career goals for prosperity and fulfillment. Her empathetic approach in personal and professional development equips women with the confidence and tools for success. As a mother and wife, her personal insights further enrich her coaching methods, addressing the unique challenges of women professionals and entrepreneurs.

Her academic credentials include an eMBA in Healthcare from the Jack Welch Management Institute and a PharmD from Universidad Central de Venezuela. She also holds certifications in Leadership, Strategy Execution, Human Resources Management, and a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt. Nayli Russo stands as a symbol of inspiration and change, guiding women to align their careers with their values and achieve their dreams.


Hi! I’m Nayli 

Beyond my role as an inspiring coach on the internet, I’m also a person with a story – a devoted mom, a proud Venezuelan, and a music lover who found her first refuge in melodies and choirs. My life took a fascinating turn from singing in Miranda Symphony to graduating from pharmacy school and moving to the United States to chase new dreams.

As I was working hard to climb the ladder of success, I realized that the barriers to success were not external circumstances, but my own mindset and fears. This epiphany led me from feeling stuck in my career to achieving remarkable milestones, including executive roles and becoming a business owner.

I'm passionate about transforming lives, especially empowering women to break through their limitations and embrace their true potential.

"My role in the world is to guide and inspire you to overcome your fears, reshape your mindset, and achieve the success you're capable of."

Ever felt that nagging doubt when making a critical career decision? Or the hesitation to step into a leadership role? Or perhaps, the frustration of not realizing your full professional potential?

Think of me as your personal mindset strategist, clearing the path for your career success.

Well, that might sound a bit formal…

Consider me your catalyst for a lifelong journey of professional and personal growth.

Oops… too philosophical?

The point is, my journey from a small town in Venezuela to the corporate world in the U.S., and now to a fulfilled life as a mom, wife, executive, and entrepreneur, has equipped me with unique insights and strategies to empower you on your journey to success.

So, let's embark on this exciting journey together!