Nayli Russo, PharmD, MBA

From Venezuela's vibrant paths to Pittsburgh's strategic arenas, I unite professional women against the status quo. With a history of resilience, strategic leadership, and entrepreneurship, I empower women to lead with influence and authenticity in their fields. 

About Nayli

Nayli Russo, a dynamic executive and entrepreneur, specializes in empowering women in their careers. With a diverse background including corporate leadership roles at Pittsburgh Pirates and Highmark Inc., and as owner of AmeriCARE Pittsburgh, she brings extensive expertise in strategic planning and operations to her coaching. Nayli focuses on Workplace Personas to help women align their strengths with their career aspirations, fostering both success and fulfillment.

Her coaching style, enriched by her experiences as a mother and wife, is tailored to meet the unique needs of women professionals and entrepreneurs. Nayli holds an eMBA in Healthcare and a PharmD, along with certifications in Leadership, HR Management, and Lean Six Sigma Green Belt. A beacon of inspiration, Nayli guides women to harmonize their career goals with their personal values

Welcome to my world! I am Nayli Russo, a dynamic executive, entrepreneur, and passionate advocate for ambitious women. With a rich tapestry of experiences ranging from corporate leadership roles with the Pittsburgh Pirates and Highmark Inc., to owning AmeriCARE Pittsburgh, I bring a wealth of expertise in strategic planning and operations to my coaching.

My Coaching Style

My coaching philosophy extends from personal to professional realms, blending life's roles with academic rigor and practical leadership. I infuse my sessions with the wisdom of a mother, wife, and seasoned professional, holding an MBA and PharmD, plus certifications in Leadership, HR, and Lean Six Sigma Green Belt. My approach prioritizes practical application, embracing radical candor and strategic insights to confront the uncomfortable, unlocking untapped potential. I guide professional women to harmonize their ambitions with personal values, crafting actionable plans towards the best versions of themselves, fearlessly showcasing their strengths to the world.

My Personal Journey

My foundation began in music as an oboe and english horn player with the Miranda Symphony, intertwined with my academic path in pharmacy. While singing at weddings during my pharmacy studies, I embraced leadership akin to conducting a symphony or choir—passionate and purposeful. This metaphor extends to my coaching philosophy: I cannot play the instrument for you, but I can guide you to see the big picture, understanding how your unique contributions harmonize within the larger composition, creating something truly beautiful.

My journey took an adventurous turn when I moved to the United States, driven by the desire to chase new dreams and conquer new challenges. Along the way, I discovered that success wasn't only about hard work; it was also about overcoming internal barriers – my mindset and fears. This revelation marked a turning point in my life, catapulting me from feeling stuck in my career to achieving remarkable milestones, including executive roles and business ownership.

My Passion

My true passion lies in transforming lives, particularly those of career-driven women. After years of frustration, I finally learned to shatter self-imposed limitations and reach for my fullest potential. Now, I am committed to helping you do the same. My role, as I see it, is to guide and inspire you to conquer your fears, reshape your mindset, and unlock the success that lies within you.

If you've ever doubted your decisions, hesitated to step into a leadership role, or felt frustrated at not realizing your full professional potential, I am here to clear the path for your career success.

From my humble beginnings in a small town in Venezuela, to navigating the corporate world in the U.S., and now flourishing as a mom, wife, executive, and entrepreneur, my journey has been rich with experiences. These experiences have equipped me with unique insights and effective strategies that I am eager to share with you.

So, are you ready to embark on an exciting journey of professional and personal growth? Together, we can achieve anything.