Why Join Breakthrough Academy

Breakthrough Academy is not just a program – it’s a supportive community dedicated to your growth. With personalized strategies, actionable steps, and a focus on overcoming obstacles, we empower you to achieve extraordinary results.

You will gain:

  1. Clarity & Mastery Over Your Financial Mindset: Uncover your financial personality using Sacred Money Archetypes®, which equips you to master your financial mindset and unlock true abundance.
  2. Strategic Direction & Goal Setting: Learn to set actionable goals aligned with your passions and aspirations. We'll collaboratively develop a personalized roadmap to guide your entrepreneurial journey.
  3. Guidance & Support: Benefit from Nayli's extensive corporate and entrepreneurial experience. Gain practical tools and insights through personalized coaching and ongoing support.
  4. Confidence & Empowerment: Gain confidence and self-assurance to overcome financial fears, make sound decisions, and act decisively, fostering business growth and personal satisfaction.
  5. A Prosperous Mindset: Cultivate a prosperous mindset to attract wealth and abundance, learn to value your worth, and maintain a positive, success-oriented mindset.
  6. Balance & Fulfillment: Nayli’s approach ensures your business aspirations harmonize with your personal life, leading to a balanced and fulfilling journey.
  7. A Supportive Community: Join a community of like-minded individuals, providing a platform for mutual encouragement, shared experiences, and learning opportunities.

Joining Breakthrough Academy signifies investing in yourself and your future, stepping closer towards your full potential and dreams.


Breakthrough Academy: A Journey Towards Transformation

Led by Nayli Russo-Long, a seasoned executive and dedicated Life & Business Strategist, Breakthrough Academy provides a transformative experience designed to guide you to abundance in both personal and professional realms. Here, you will uncover the fascinating realm of Sacred Money Archetypes®, shedding light on unique patterns and beliefs that shape your relationship with wealth. This profound self-discovery will pave the way to master your financial mindset, setting you on the path to success.