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Are you a professional woman striving for excellence in a challenging corporate landscape? You're not alone. Join the ranks of successful women who have reshaped their careers with our unique course, Breakthrough Academy.



Meet your Mentor: 

A Story of Triumph and Expertise

I'm Nayli Russo, a celebrated executive, entrepreneur, and the creative force behind the revolutionary Workplace Persona Profiles. My journey from an immigrant from Venezuela to a celebrated leader in the U.S. is a testament to resilience, skill, and strategic thinking. Named "Woman of the Year" by the PA Diversity Council, I've crafted leadership programs for the Pittsburgh Pirates and navigated a diverse career spanning pharmacy, healthcare management, and sports. Now, I'm here to guide you on your path to professional excellence.


Why Breakthrough Academy?

01. Uncover Your Workplace Persona: 

  • Discover your unique Workplace Persona Profiles.
  • Leverage your strengths and navigate workplace dynamics confidently.
  • Master the art of adapting to various professional environments.

02. Tailored Strategies for Career Advancement:

  • Practical, real-world strategies for professional women at all levels
  • Overcome career stagnation and unlock new opportunities.
  • Enhance communication, leadership, and negotiation skills.

03. Comprehensive Modules for Holistic Development

  • From crafting a professional development plan to mastering conflict resolution.
  • Embrace a balanced approach to work-life integration.
  • Achieve heightened job satisfaction and impactful leadership.

04. Learn from a Recognized Leader:

  • Benefit from my experience in creating and leading high-performance teams.
  • Gain insights from my successful career transitions and leadership roles.
  • Apply my proven strategies to your professional life.

Visualize a career infused with…

🌐 Empowerment

Dictate the terms of your career, choose projects that resonate, and be the influencer in your circle.

💎 Recognition

A career that not only pays well but acknowledges and rewards your unique contributions and expertise.

🌼 Fulfillment

Experience joy and purpose in your profession, feeling valued and making a difference every single day.



How does Breakthrough Academy work?

Content is systematically rolled out in weekly Modules within a dedicated, Breakthrough Academy members-only portal. Upon enrolling, you will gain:

  • Comprehensive video training anchored in the Workplace Persona
  • Ready-to-use resources, guides, and templates.
  • Interactive sessions with Nayli Russo herself.
  • Specialized masterclasses and intensive workshops.
  • Lifetime access.

Once you're part of Breakthrough Academy, you're an empowered woman for life. Engage with the live program, then circle back to any module or resource anytime you need. The entire courseware, bonus tools, and session recordings are yours to keep indefinitely.

To deep dive into Breakthrough Academy and explore the curriculum further, tour the Program Portal.


Is Breakthrough Academy the right fit for you?

Breakthrough Academy is tailor-made for ambitious women who feel held back, want to break free from limiting beliefs, and yearn to step into their full potential.

In today's world, rising to leadership and being recognized goes beyond just hard work. It's about understanding your unique value, building genuine relationships, and asserting YOUR WORTH!.

YES, Breakthrough Academy is perfect for...

Career-Driven Women

Whether you're in tech, arts, or any other field, Breakthrough Academy equips you with the strategies to climb the ladder and be recognized for your worth.

Aspiring Leaders

If you're on the path to lead teams, projects, or even your own business, Breakthrough Academy helps you build the confidence and skills to take that leap.


Break ceilings in fields where women's voices have historically been marginalized. Breakthrough Academy gives you the tools to shine and be acknowledged in any environment.

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