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Imposter Syndrome: You (and I) Have It, Let's Try to Fix It perspective Jan 06, 2023

Last week, I enjoyed dinner with two of my best friends. They are both hard-working, barrier-breaking women who have advanced their careers to incredible heights. But despite all of their...

4 Tips to Establish Healthy Boundaries performance Dec 15, 2022

"Choose discomfort over resentment'' Brene Brown

It took some time, but once I finally understood this quote about setting boundaries, my life opened up in many ways I never thought...

High Performers Constantly Seek Clarity position Dec 09, 2022


Have you ever wondered what differentiates high performers from average ones? What allows certain individuals to tap into incredible energy reserves and achieve feats many wouldn't dare to...

5 Habits to Cultivate Gratitude perspective Nov 24, 2022

As I sit here contemplating and being thankful for the feast about to take place at my brother-in-law's later today, it's only fitting to write about gratitude and its power in improving your...

A Tale of Courage and Strategic Career Planning position Nov 18, 2022

Earlier this year, I met with a young woman who was questioning what to do in college and where to take her career. We’ll call her Abigail. Abigail explained the stresses of potentially being...

5 Steps to Manage your Inner Critic perspective Nov 18, 2022

Last week I introduced the 4Ps of self-confidence - perspective, position, plan, and performance.

While all four elements of my formula are critical to achieving self-confidence, success, and...

4 Simple Steps to Build your Confidence perspective Nov 18, 2022

There is a strong correlation between self-confidence and success. Healthy confidence is realistic, secure, and humble - it gives us an inner belief in our skills and our ability to achieve and...

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